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(The introduction should contain 3 to 5 brief sentences outlining information necessary to understand the paper and why the work was done)

(Avoid putting too much material on the poster but make sure the poster sessions attendants understand the subject and get the message of your poster quickly and easily)

(Results should be presented pictorially where possible (graphs, charts or schematics). You also may want to provide an interpretation of the results below each panel. A picture is worth a thousand words: Use photographs, diagrams and other figures)

(Poster stands will be provided by the committee. Your poster must be printed in size A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm or 33,11 in x 46,81 in) and your poster file mast be sent to committee in image (BMP or JPEG) or PPT with 300 dpi on resolution. Make sure that your texts can easily be read from a distance of about 2 meters or 7 feet.)
(The font for the poster title must be greater than the subtitles. Your poster can be subdivided into logical sections (and sheets of paper) depending on the content, and map them to the poster board. You might organize your poster into, e.g., 4 columns of a width corresponding to A0 in potrait format, with sufficient space in between)

(The conclusions should be stated briefly in large type. Many viewers read this first, hence it should be easy to understand)
(The header and footer of your poster must be like this tamplate)

Use whatever references you want but no less than 5
For further information please contact at www.icatd.fk.unej.ac.id