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Agromedicine is needed to provide occupational and environmental health dan safety in agricultural community. Agromedicine is a term coined in the 1950s to emphasize interdiciplinary, programatic approaches which give a greater role for the health and agricultural professional based upon the equal partnership of the two diciplines (medicine and agriculture) to promote occupational and environmental health and safety in agriculture community including farm families, agricultural workers, and consumers of agricultural products through research, prevention, intervention, and education.  

In developing countries, particularly in tropical and subtropical region including Indonesia, many people in agriculture area are dealing with tropical diseases such as zoonotic and emerging diseases. Human exploration of tropical rainforestsdeforestation, rising immigration and increased international air travel and other tourism to tropical regions has led to an increased incidence of such diseases. Therefore, agromedicine and tropical diseases are essential topics to improve health and safety of agricultural community and further increase human welfare.

The complexity problems in agricultural community needs a comprehensive approach from multidiscipline expertise to collaborate and overcome the problems. Dedicated teamwork across the countries is required to implement integrated approaches on prevention, curative, and control in zoonotic and emerging diseases in agromedicine field. Agromedicine (agricultural health medicine) is a priority for the Faculty of Medicine University of Jember because Jember is an area which has huge farming land and plantation.

Studies in the agromedicine and tropical disease field should continue to address the identification of occupational risk factors associated with injuries and illnesses and its prevention, as well as develop cost-effective interventions and practices that lead to decrease or elimination of the injuries and illnesses on a global scale among the producers and workers in agricultural field. To address this issue, the Faculty of Medicine University of Jember will conduct biannually international conference on agromedicine and tropical diseases (3rd ICATD) and invite researchers and practitioners from many institutions and industries to present their research on above areas. This event is a scientific forum for the participants to share their work and built a global networking.


The conference will cover a range of topics in science, technology, management, and health services related to current health issues, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Current issue on agricultural health,
  • Tropical diseases,
  • Zoonotic diseases,
  • Emerging diseases,
  • Herbal medicine,
  • Epidemiology on tropical and zoonotic diseases, and
  • Molecular basic on tropical diseases.