International Conference on Agromedicine and Tropical Disease


“Current Trends, Challenges, and Issues in Agricultural Health Medicine :
from Rural to Urban, Ocean to Island and Molecular to Clinical”


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Agromedicine is a relatively new concept. It deals with the interdisciplinary application of agriculture, applied chemistry and medicine to the safe global production of food with maintenance of the health conditions of agricultural workers and the general population (Almaida, 2009) In the simple definition,agromedicine is a study of human health related to agriculture in partnership with other agricultural, natural resources and health professionals, in the promotion of health and safety in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The collaboration involves research, prevention, intervention, education, and outreach by physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals; epidemiologists; Extension and rural health educators; toxicologists; veterinarians; agricultural production specialists; agricultural engineers; family and consumer science specialists; and forestry and fisheries specialists (Hodgso and Cope, 2014). Agromedicine is needed to provide occupational and environmental health safety in agriculture. Agromedicine is a term coined in the 1950s to emphasize interdisciplinary, programmatic approaches which give a greater role for the agricultural professional based upon the equal partnership of the two disciplines (medicine and agriculture) to promote occupational and environmental health and safety in agriculture through research, prevention/intervention, education, and outreach. Agromedicine also was known as the application of medical and agricultural sciences to promote the health and safety of farm families, agricultural workers, and consumers of agricultural products.

Prof. DR. Dr. Nasronudin,

Airlangga University

Global and national problems of infectious diseases : role of agromedicine approach contributions.

Prof. Drs. Bambang Kuswandi,
M.Sc., Ph.D

Jember University

(Bio) Chemical sensors in clinical and agromedicine application.

Prof. Susan Alison Brumby, RN, RM, DipFarm M’Ment, GradDip Women’s Studies, MHM, ARLF, PhD

Deakin University

Health and wellbeing of farmer Jember.

Dr. Vickneshwaran Muthu

Ministry of Health Malaysia

Antimicrobial resistance: what we know?  why is it a crisis?

Prof. Chihaya Koriyama, MD, Ph.D

Kagoshima University

Molecular epidemiology of epstein-barr virus-associated gastric carcinoma.

Dr.rer.nat. Anna Artati,
M.Sc., M.Si

Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen

A survey on recent applications of metabolomics as promising tool in human health research.

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